Ghinlon Architecture proposes a new model of architectural design. Clients can now start by choosing an existing  f&b design from the website library. Ghinlon Architecture will hack that design to suit Client requirements and site particulars. This will result in a cheaper, faster, stronger and overall better design process for the commercial client. 

Layout Plans

Setting Out Plans

Ceiling Plans

3D Modelling

Full Design Set

(all of the above products)

€ 6.00 / sq m

€ 3.00 / sq m

€ 3.00 / sq m

€15.00 / sq m

€30.00/sq m

Prices are indicative only and exclusive of VAT. They do not constitute and offer.

Design Details ...


Client: Dunne & Crescenzi

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Size: 100 sq m

Design Details ...


Client: Dunne & Crescenzi

Location: Kildare, Ireland

Size: 400 sq m